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Amaravian reaches the South Pole.
The first ever Indian team - Indian Navy has reached the South Pole on the 27th Dec. They have unfurled the tricolor and the naval ensign at the bottom of the planet.

Lt Cdr KS Balaji (Roll No: 1953, 1989 batch, Pallava House– School Vice Captain), an Amaravian and the deputy leader of the expedition) spoke to his wife from the pole and was very happy to unfurl the school flag too amidst freezing temperatures (minus 42 deg C)

Please spread the word across to all amaravians in and outside India. He plans to go to North Pole very soon.

Amaravians are proud of Lt Cdr Balaji on his achievement and salute him on his achievement.

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Dear Friends, reading a news paper has never been a matter of joy n pleasure but it indeed was a pleasure reading it today. Lt.Gen. Deepak Kapoor, the next chief of army staff the first amongst the sainik school alumnus to don the 4 star rank. we are really overjoyed & pleased, CONGRATS! We are all so very proud. Gen. Kapoor has started the chain & we pray that soon we will have more of them. CHEERS!

Courtesy www.obssa.com

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