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The concept of "Sainik School" was conceived in 1961 by India’s leading visionaries led by the Hon. V. K. Krishna Menon, the then Defence Minister, to institute a daring innovative blend of the best traditions of the English Public School system and the leadership qualities & discipline of the Defence Officers of the country, into the minds and education of handpicked privileged few Indian children.

One Sainik School in each of the states of the Republic of India at that time was started, with the clear objective of nurturing and grooming carefully selected children to become officer-gentlemen who would ultimately lead as officers in the Defence Services of the country.

The Sainik School at Amaravathinagar is one of those premier schools started in the state of Tamil Nadu in 1960-61. Spread over more than 500 acres of almost the entire valley, surrounded by mountains on all sides and set against the backdrop of the Amaravathi Dam stretching across River Amaravathi, Sainik School, Amaravathinagar, houses as many children of the tender age ranging from 10 to 17, nurtured and cultivated by a devoted family of teachers dedicated to the task of metamorphosing these children into disciplined, patriotic, confident and enthusiastic cadets and fine responsible citizens of the country.

These children are trained not only academically but also mentally, physically and socially by professional, loving and caring teachers who teach, learn, share, laugh and live with them 24 hours a day.

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Dear Friends, reading a news paper has never been a matter of joy n pleasure but it indeed was a pleasure reading it today. Lt.Gen. Deepak Kapoor, the next chief of army staff the first amongst the sainik school alumnus to don the 4 star rank. we are really overjoyed & pleased, CONGRATS! We are all so very proud. Gen. Kapoor has started the chain & we pray that soon we will have more of them. CHEERS!

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The Amaravian community plays a vital role in shaping the right leaders for the nation. Through this compendium, we want to bring out the activities of the school in their different nuances and to mirror out our hard task of shaping right type of citizens for tomorrow...
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